Our 2024 bare root season has come to a close.

Check back soon for next season’s line-up of new rose offerings.

Hybrid Tea Roses

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    Maurice Utrillo™ – Bare Root

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    Peach Swirl™ – Bare Root

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    Ring of Fire™ – Bare Root

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    Savannah™ Sunbelt® – Bare Root

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    Julie Andrews – Bare Root

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    Shirley’s Bouquet™ – Bare Root

  • 2016 2015

    Euphoria® – Bare Root


Hybrid Tea Roses For Sale Online

At Certified Roses, our hybrid tea roses are more than just pleasant to the eyes. Each hybrid tea you’ll find on our site is patented and unique with vibrant colors and sweet fragrances.

Why we love hybrid teas


Looking for a big bloom full of color? Hybrid teas will bring your garden to life.


Everyone loves the sweet smell of a spring rose. The fresh scent of a patented hybrid tea from Certified Roses will make you want to breathe in the aroma again and again.

Perfect for cutting

Hybrid teas are known for their large blooms and sturdy stems, which make them excellent for cutting. If you desire to fill the centerpiece on your table with fresh spring roses or give a bouquet as a gift to a friend from your own garden, hybrid teas are the perfect rose bush for you.

Our favorites hybrid teas:

  • The Miranda Lambert roseMiranda Lambert has long turned heads in the music world, so it’s only right that a rose named in her honor would make heads spin. With its distinctive fragrance, giant blossoms, and sexy hot pink color, this fragrant hybrid tea features petals of saturated cerise and large, elegant buds.
  • The Ring of Fire roseClassic deep red, this beautiful rose bush is a favorite of many who love gorgeous red bouquets with luscious round pedals.