Our 2024 bare root season has come to a close.

Check back soon for next season’s line-up of new rose offerings.

Maurice Utrillo™ – Bare Root

cv. ‘DELstavo’


The Maurice Utrillo Rose produces stunning double blooms in shades of bright red which are brilliantly contrasted by vibrant splashes of yellow, and cream.

More Details

The Maurice Utrillo Hybrid Tea Rose

Due to its colorful blooms and sweet fragrance, this tri-colored variety attracts pollinators to enhance the health of your entire garden. The Maurice Utrillo Rose is enhanced by its delicate fragrance which adds a lovely scent to the surrounding area. This Hybrid Tea is not only beautiful but also disease resistant requiring minimal maintenance.

Plant Details

Rose Class

hybrid tea

Hardiness Zones

5 to 9


3-4', bushy, upright


Glossy green, Lush



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