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Climbing Roses

Fall in love with our unique varieties of climbing roses, not only for their beauty but also for their versatility. Certified Nurseries has everything you’re looking for to dress your trellis, pillars, arbors and walls in a colorful floral blanket.

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    Climbing Florentina™ – Bare Root


Climbing Roses For Sale Online

Climbing roses add a sense of enchantment to any garden. Captivating and awe-inspiring, climbing roses grow vigorously, ranging in height between 6 and 14 feet, and produce high-quality blooms of variable size and form. They also conserve garden space, freeing up room to stroll or add more plants to the bed.

Each climbing variety brings a sense of drama to the landscape while thrilling the air with unforgettable fragrance. If you’re looking for climbing roses for sale online, you’ll find them at Certified Nurseries’ online nursery.

Complement your garden with climbing roses

Improve your garden with climbing roses. They are easy to grow and add vibrant color and depth to your garden. Besides providing a plentiful amount of flowers and fragrance, they make a dramatic style statement. You can use them as an architectural feature because of their size and habit.

Trellises – Set the tone of your garden with a tall trellis covered with fragrant and dazzling climbers. Trellises offer a structurally sound frame while making a beautiful statement.

Arches – Welcome guests into your peaceful yard with a tall arch overlaid with a floral blanket. When you cover arches you can frame your main garden entrance or offer pathways to new areas.

Pillars – Create a statement on both sides of a walkway or a water piece with rose-covered pillars by decorating your pillars in yellow, pink, or soft white climbers to dress up your property.

Over arbors – Create a relaxing, shaded shelter from the sun with stunning over arbor climbing roses. Your garden visitors will appreciate the bold statement and fragrance while enjoying the shade and company.

Walls – If there’s a wall, your climbers will grow. Add color and texture to your home with wall climbing roses that are sure to wow your guests.

Get the Most Out of Your Climbing Roses

Choosing the Right Place

Roses thrive in full sunlight. When you pick a site that receives at least 4 hours of sun a day, your roses will thank you with lush beautiful blooms. Consider vertical planting when selecting your spot since climbing roses can climb tall structures of up to 8-12 feet or more.

It’s all in the Prep Work
Although roses are hearty and can acclimate to different soil types, they do best when you put a little care into your soil prep. Add organic matter like compost, mulch, or peat moss to improve drainage or water retention.

Plant Them ASAP

When you buy climbing roses, it is vital to get them in the ground during the late winter or early spring. This will allow your roots to become more established and give your bush a firm foundation to support all of your beautiful blooms.

What Will You Grow Them On?

Consider what you want to attach your climbing roses to. Once they have started to produce climbers vertically, you will want to begin training them to climb up a structure.

Feed Your Roses

Just like humans need nutrients, so do roses. Regular fertilization will help produce magnificent roses. Make sure your fertilizer is balanced to produce all of your rose bushes’ nutrients.

Don’t Over Prune

Unlike regular rose bushes, climbers do not need much pruning over the first few years. You will see larger blooms throughout the growing season when you plan to prune your climbing roses every third year.

Certified Nurseries Produce Stunning Climbing Roses

When you choose Certified Nurseries, your climbing roses will perform with large flowers, repeat flowering, and produce wonderfully scented flowers. If you train your climbing rose to create stunning statements in your garden, your investment will pay off for years to come.

Buy Climbing Roses

If you’re looking to buy wall climbing roses online, you’ll love what you find at Certified Nurseries. Whether you are new to growing roses or a seasoned gardener, our large, bare-root climbing roses are full of fragrance, color, and texture. They’ve been bred to retain their shape and make your home and garden stand out.

How To Order Climbing Roses Online

1. Check your hardiness zone to ensure your climbers can grow in your region. Choosing the right hardiness zone for your climbing roses will ensure you are giving your roses the best chance of producing stunning blooms.

2. Select your favorite fragrant climbing rose for sale. Are you looking for a brilliant pop of color or a strong fragrance to welcome you into your garden, either way, Certified Nurseries has a rose you are sure to love.

3. Enjoy a new, colorful garden this spring. With a little preparation and TLC, your roses will welcome spring year after year.