Our 2024 bare root season has come to a close.

Check back soon for next season’s line-up of new rose offerings.

Certified Nurseries Rose Planting Instructions

Where is the best spot to plant roses?

All roses prefer a spot in your garden that receives at least six to eight hours of full sun each day and a rich, organic, well-drained soil.

Roses can be purchased from our online store as bare root. Many customers also buy roses in plastic containers or biodegradable containers from one of our more than 5,000 home and garden retail centers. Rose planting instructions and care differ depending on whether it’s a container rose or bare root.

Learn everything you need to know about planting a Certified rose bush below.

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Bare root rose planting instructions

Bare root roses are an easy and inexpensive option for early season planting. These dormant plants are often sold in plastic bags filled with moist sawdust to keep the plants hydrated until planting.

Follow these bare root rose instructions to ensure a vibrant and healthy rose:

  1. Soak the roots in a bucket of water for 8-12 hours before planting.
  2. Trim canes so they are approximately 8″ long. Remove any damaged canes.
  3. Dig a hole approximately 18″ wide and 18″ deep.
  4. Add compost or soil conditioner and mix with the soil dug from the hole.
  5. Form a mound of the soil mixture in the center of the planting hole.
  6. Position the rose on top of the soil mound, spreading the roots down the sides. Position the graft union at or just above the ground level. In cold winter climates, position the graft union 1 to 2″ below the ground level.
  7. Backfill the hole with soil mixture eliminating any air pockets by packing down the soil.
  8. Water thoroughly, adding additional soil as necessary as the soil settles.

Mound the canes with an additional 4 to 6″ of soil to prevent withering of the canes before the roots become established. Once new growth begins to develop, remove this soil slowly over a week.

Roses growing in plastic containers

Roses grown in plastic containers can be planted year-round. They are easiest to plant because you have a plant that is already growing.

  1. Thoroughly water before planting.
  2. Remove the plant from the container, keeping the root ball intact.
  3. Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root ball and as deep.
  4. Mix soil conditioner or compost with the soil dug out from the hole.
  5. Set the plant in the hole, making sure to position the graft union at or just above the ground level. In cold winter climates, position the graft union 1 to 2″ below the ground level.
  6. Fill in around the root ball with soil mix, eliminating all air pockets by packing down.
  7. Water thoroughly and apply 2-3 inches of mulch around the plant to conserve moisture.

Learn how to care for your roses after they’ve been planted