Our 2024 bare root season has come to a close.

Check back soon for next season’s line-up of new rose offerings.

Rose Bushes

Decorate your garden with the colors of spring. Rose bushes from Certified Nurseries will make your yard your new favorite place to find inspiration. Choose from a wide range of rose varieties uniquely bred to match nearly every taste and landscape.

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    Marc Chagall™ – Bare Root

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    Maurice Utrillo™ – Bare Root

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    Peach Swirl™ – Bare Root

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    Earth Angel™ Parfuma® – Bare Root

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    Moonlight In Paris™ – Bare Root

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    Ring of Fire™ – Bare Root

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    Savannah™ Sunbelt® – Bare Root

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    Summer Romance™ Parfuma® – Bare Root

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    White Lies™ – Bare Root

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    Julie Andrews – Bare Root

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    Shirley’s Bouquet™ – Bare Root

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    Euphoria® – Bare Root

  • 2020 2018

    Sol Desire™ – Bare Root

  • 2024 2025

    Le Petit Prince™ – Bare Root


Rose Bushes For Sale Online

Imagine walking through your backyard watching fresh spring blooms dance along your fence and illuminate your garden. The perfect rose can make your garden sing, giving you a little piece of heaven to enjoy.

Buy Rose Bushes Online

Do you dream of filling your centerpiece with freshly plucked roses from your garden?

When you order your rose bushes online from Certified Nurseries, you can be confident your roses are high-quality, disease-free bushes you will love for years to come.

Do you want to decorate your backyard with the sights and smells of spring?

There is nothing like the first blooms of the season to bring about joy and happiness. Our rose bushes are for sale online, so you can order them from the comfort of your home and have the assurance that your backyard will be filled with the sights and smells you want.

Are you looking for low-maintenance rose bushes that can handle tough conditions?

With some companies, ordering your rose bushes online could be considered risky, but with Certified Nurseries, your low-maintenance bushes will be delivered directly to your door. Just plant, water, and enjoy.

Whatever you want from your roses, you’ll find it at Certified Nurseries. When you are looking for rose bushes for sale online, visit our online rose nursery from the comfort of your couch and enjoy a beautiful rose garden this year.

How to choose a rose bush

If you’re new to rose gardening, it can be difficult to understand the difference in the types of rose bushes beyond color and fragrance. However, each rose classification has unique functions. Understanding what they mean and what each type of rose can do will help you choose a rose that not only looks beautiful and smells magnificent, but also functions the way you need it to.

Which Roses Are Most Fragrant?

Although all of our roses have unique characteristics which make them a beautiful and fragrant addition to your backyard, some of our rose bushes for sale online will really stand out.

The Julie Andrews rose is sure to please. The strong fragrance and exquisite rose bears masses of intense pink-fuchsia blooms which will surprise you will a bright yellow heart. Selected as the “Most Beautiful Rose of the Century” at the International New Rose Competition, this stunning hybrid is going to be just as legendary as its namesake.

Another showstopper who aims to please is the intensely fruity, Peach Swirl. This beauty will entice visitors with its intense combination of fruit and spice and everything nice. Swirls of peach, apricot, and yellow will add a glorious addition to your tabletop bouquet.

No matter which fragrance level you prefer, our variety of rose bushes for sale online will give you many options to choose from.

Things to Consider When Ordering Your Rose Bushes Online

Hardiness Zone — Be sure to take into consideration the hardiness zone you need. When you order the correlating rose bush, it will be easy to care for, because it was specifically designed for your area. Roses that are not bred for your hardiness zone may not survive in your garden.

Size & Area — Do you want your roses to be several feet tall or bloom continuously throughout the year. Do you want cutting flowers or climbing roses? From spring to fall, Certified Nurseries has the right rose bush for our space.

Here are the 3 primary bare root rose bush types you’ll find at Certified Nurseries.

Hybrid tea roses

One large bloom per stem – Perfect for cutting

A hybrid tea rose bush grows a single large bloom on each stem. The bush is medium to tall in habit. Its stems are sturdy, which makes it a perfect vase rose. You can easily cut a few blooms for a centerpiece or a gift to a friend. Hybrid teas look beautiful as a stand-alone plant or as a part of a mixed bed.

Floribunda roses

Multiple medium-size blooms per stem – Design a charming landscape

Rather than producing one large bloom like the hybrid teas, floribunda rose bushes produce generous clusters of sprays of medium-sized blooms. They are often compact in habit with medium length stems. Many gardeners use floribundas as property hedges and borders. Because each stem grows a small cluster of roses, floribundas are often used in landscape design as they can make your yard look full and colorful with as few as one bush.

Grandiflora roses

Multiple large blooms per stem

Grandiflora roses are a blend between hybrid teas and floribundas with clusters of large bulbous blooms. With sturdy stems, these roses are excellent for cutting if you want to decorate your home, centerpiece, or create your own bouquet as a gift.

Are you looking for colorful, fragrant blooms and rose bushes that are hardy and disease resistant? You can always be confident in the bare root roses you buy online from Certified Nurseries.

The Right Roses for You

We have them all – from modern rose bushes to long stem rose bushes for sale. From polyantha rose bushes to climbing rose bushes for sale. Certified Nurseries has the range of roses uniquely bred to match nearly every taste and landscape.