Our 2024 bare root season has come to a close.

Check back soon for next season’s line-up of new rose offerings.

Marc Chagall™ – Bare Root

cv. ‘DELstrirojacre’


A spectacular rose with large, delicately clustered flowers, with harmonious striations and various shades of pink, delicately mixed with pale yellow. The light green vegetation makes a colorful contrast to the brightness and warmth of its flowers. A unique rose with mild fragrance and strong disease resistance.

More Details

This exquisite rose has large clusters of delicate flowers with various shades of pink, beautifully intermingled with pale yellow. The plant’s light green foliage creates a colorful contrast to the bright and warm tones of the blooms. The Marc Chagall floribunda rose is highly disease-resistant and has a subtle fragrance.

Marc Chagall Rose Tree History

The vibrant colors of pink and pale yellow resemble an artist’s painting of a sunset. This intrigued the French rose breeder, George Delbard and reminded him of the famous French Impressionist painters. This led him to name this rose for Marc Chagall.

Marc Chagall Rose Care

This rose is hassle free and easy to grow. Its hardy nature makes it resistant to common diseases, especially mildew and black spots. This reduces the need for pesticides and fungicides. Even in hard conditions, you still get full, beautiful blooms.

Plant Details

Rose Class


Hardiness Zones

5 to 9


3-4', compact


Glossy green, Lush