Our 2024 bare root season has come to a close.

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Alfred Sisley™ – Bare Root

cv. ‘DELstrijor’


Named after the Impressionist painter Alfred Sisley, this rose blooms in colors of orange-pink, cream and yellow set off by dark, glossy foliage.

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What is the Alfred Sisley Rose?

The Alfred Sisley rose is a type of hybrid tea rose named after the French Impressionist painter. This rose has large, double blooms that range in color from light pink to coral and have a strong, sweet fragrance. The petals have a ruffled appearance, and the plant has a bushy habit that can reach up to 4 feet tall. It is a hardy and disease-resistant plant that is ideal for use in flower beds or as a cut flower.

Delbard Roses

In 1935, Delbard Nurseries was established by George Delbard, a French horticulturist and rose breeder, in Allier, France. He created several new varieties of roses, such as the Impressionist Rose Collection, which highlights striped roses.

Plant Details

Rose Class


Hardiness Zones

5 to 9


3-4', compact


Glossy green, Lush




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