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Beautiful, Fragrant Roses for Zone 7

Apr 11, 2023 | Hardiness Zones

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Looking for the perfect roses to grow in your hardiness zone? If you live in Zone 7, you have the ideal climate for cultivating a variety of stunning and fragrant roses. With average minimum winter temperatures ranging from 0°F to 10°F (-18°C to -12°C), Zone 7 offers a moderate climate perfect for growing roses. In this post, we’ll explore the top rose varieties for Zone 7, along with essential tips on planting, pruning, and selecting disease-resistant roses.

Top 10 Roses for Zone 7

Summer Romance Parfuma for zone 7

This romantic rose features beautiful pink blooms and an intoxicating fragrance. The Summer Romance Parfuma is a perfect addition to any Zone 7 garden, offering both beauty and charm.

Earth Angel Parfuma for zone 6 and zone 7

With its soft, pastel-pink petals and lovely scent, the Earth Angel Parfuma is an exquisite choice for Zone 7. This disease-resistant rose is an excellent option for those seeking a low-maintenance yet striking addition to their garden.

Scentuous Rose for zone 6 and zone 7

The apricot-orange blooms of Scentuous not only add a pop of color to your garden but also emit a strong, sweet fragrance. As one of the best shrub roses for Zone 7, this variety is also known for its excellent disease resistance.

Peach Swirl rose for zone 6 and zone 7

Peach Swirl boasts beautiful peach and cream-colored blooms that will brighten up any Zone 7 garden. This hardy rose offers a delightful fragrance and is a stunning addition to any garden.

Moonlight in Paris for zone 6 and zone 7

Moonlight In Paris is an enchanting rose variety known for its elegant, creamy white blooms that add a touch of sophistication to any garden. With its exquisite fragrance and excellent disease resistance, this rose is a popular choice for gardeners seeking beauty and resilience in your zone 7 garden.

6. Beverly

Beverly rose for zone 7

Beverly is a versatile and elegant rose with soft pink blooms and a citrusy fragrance. This rose is well-suited for Zone 7 gardens and offers excellent disease resistance, making it a popular choice among gardeners.

Climbing lavender crush rose for zone 6 and zone 7

Add a touch of romance to your Zone 7 garden with Lavender Crush, a rose that features stunning lavender blooms with a hint of blush pink. This captivating rose is perfect for creating a dreamy garden atmosphere.

Climbing perfume breeze bare root for zone 6 and zone 7

Known for its vigorous growth and strong fragrance, Perfume Breeze is a fantastic choice for climbing roses in Zone 7. With elegant, soft pink double blooms, this rose adds both beauty and aroma to your garden.

Earth Angel Parfuma for zone 6 and zone 7

Earth Angel is a charming rose with delicate pink blooms and a strong, fruity fragrance. This hardy rose is perfect for Zone 7 gardeners looking to create an enchanting garden oasis.

Savannah Sunbelt rose for zone 7

A beautiful coral-pink rose with a delightful fragrance. The Savannah Sunbelt rose is well-suited for Zone 7 gardens and is known for its excellent disease resistance and stunning blooms.

Planting and Pruning Tips for Zone 7 Roses

  • When to plant roses in Zone 7: The best time to plant bare-root roses in Zone 7 is from late winter to early spring, typically between February and April.
  • When to prune roses in Zone 7: The best time to prune roses in Zone 7 is in late winter or early spring, just before new growth emerges.
  • Disease-resistant climbing roses for Zone 7: Perfume Breeze and Savannah are excellent choices for disease-resistant climbing roses in Zone 7.

Zone 7 offers a plethora of beautiful and fragrant rose varieties for gardeners to enjoy. From climbing roses to shrub roses, you’ll find the perfect rose for your garden at Certified Roses.